Gill Hunter

Gillian Hunter

Senior Research Fellow
0203 926 1692

Gill joined ICPR in 2003, having previously worked at the Centre for Drugs and Health Behaviour, then based at Imperial College, London. Her current research interests focus on victims’, witnesses and defendants’ experiences and understandings of the criminal courts, including the Youth Court, and perceptions about access to justice across the court and tribunals system. She is also undertaking research on the impact of language barriers and having English as an additional language on lay experiences of the criminal justice system. Her publications include Inside Crown Court: Personal experiences and questions of legitimacy (Policy Press, 2015, with Jessica Jacobson and Amy Kirby) and Participation in Courts and Tribunals: Concepts, Realities and Expectations (Bristol University Press, 2020, Edited by Jacobson and Cooper). Previous research has included professionalization and the development of evidence-based practice in policing and crime reduction, and evaluations of community-based criminal justice interventions for women offenders and re-settlement support those leaving custody.

A full list of Gill's publications can be found here