Jessica Jacobson

Dr Jessica Jacobson

Director of ICPR
Reader in Criminal Justice
07720 781665

Jessica completed her PhD at the London School of Economics in 1996, on the topic of ethnic and religious identities among second-generation British Pakistanis (published by Routledge as Islam in Transition in 1998). Since then she has developed her expertise in criminal justice research, initially as a Home Office researcher, and then as an independent researcher and policy consultant. Since 2011 she has been based at ICPR, becoming Co-Director of the institute in 2013, and Director in 2016.

Jessica undertakes research on many different aspects of the criminal justice system; her particular interests include prisons, sentencing, and the work of the criminal courts more widely. Her publications include Inside Crown Court: Personal experiences and questions of legitimacy (Policy Press, 2015, with Gillian Hunter and Amy Kirby) and Imprisonment Worldwide: The Current Situation and an Alternative Future (Policy Press, 2016, with Andrew Coyle, Helen Fair and Roy Walmsley). Among her current projects is a study funded by the Nuffield Foundation on participation in courts and tribunals.

A full list of Jessica's publications is available here