The quality of legal advice and representation in the Youth Justice System


In partnership with Just for Kids Law, ICPR is undertaking research into the quality of legal advice and representation provided by criminal solicitors to child suspects and defendants. The research is seeking to identify whether, and what kinds of, interventions are needed to improve legal advice and representation in the youth justice system. The research comprises: interviews with young people who have experience of the youth court to explore their views of the solicitors who represented them or otherwise acted in the legal proceedings, and their perceptions of what makes a ‘good’ lawyer; a national, online survey of criminal solicitors who work or would like to work in the youth justice system; and  interviews with other youth justice practitioners including magistrates, district judges, youth offending team staff and police officers to explore views on the knowledge, skills and attributes required of criminal solicitors and the extent to which – in their professional experience – solicitors display these qualities. 

Information on our national survey of criminal solicitors, about working in the youth justice system, can be found here 


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