The Facilitation of Organised Fraud by Professional Enablers and Money Launderers


Despite the growing recognition of the importance of professional enablers and money launderers to organised fraud groups, very little is known about how such facilitators are groomed, recruited, retained and rewarded by organised fraudsters. Equally, little is known about the achievements and challenges faced by enforcement agencies and the regulatory bodies when tackling the involvement of OCGs in fraud. This study is examining the recruitment and routes into organised fraud by professional enablers and money launderers; assessing the enforcement and regulatory response to the facilitators of organised fraud and exploring the preventative measures aimed at identifying, deterring and safeguarding those who facilitate/enable organised fraud. The study is interviewing incarcerated offenders (professional enablers and money launderers) convicted for their involvement in organised fraud; specialist law enforcement professionals; individuals from the professional regulatory and oversight bodies. In addition, we are undertaking an anonymised survey of up to 1,000 regulated industry professionals.  

The study is due for completion in November 2018.


Dawes Trust