Evaluating the use of evidence by the N8 Policing Research Partnership Forces


The N8 Policing Research Partnership (N8 PRP) is a collaboration between eight research-intensive universities, 11 police force areas (with representation from both Police and Police and Crime Commissioners), and one third sector partner. The N8 PRP programme of work is organised around a number of activity strands, each one led by one of the N8 universities working in collaboration with one or more of the 11 N8 police forces. The aim of the N8 PRP is to promote and encourage greater collaboration between police organisations and academic institutions to foster organisational learning and deliver real-life differences to frontline police activity.

ICPR has been commissioned to conduct an independent evaluation of the work of the N8 PRP. In particular the evaluation will aim to establish in what way senior officers have used the N8 PRP research products to inform their decision making; how senior officers are disseminating research findings to middle police managers and operational officers; the involvement of operational officers with the N8 PRP, and whether such involvement has stimulated an increase in their use of research. The evaluation will conduct a review of selected N8 PRP outputs; a quantitative web-based survey of the N8 PRP police forces; and qualitative interviews with senior police officers, ‘research guardians’, PCCs and academics.  

The evaluation is due for completion in October 2019.


HEFCE (York University)