The World Prison Brief is 20! Roy Walmsley, its Founder and Director, reflects on the journey so far, in conversation with Catherine Heard.

Since its launch in September 2000, the World Prison Brief (hosted and published by the Institute for Crime & Justice ...

Mike Hough, Founding Director of ICPR, receives European Society of Criminology award for lifetime contribution to Criminology

The 2020 European Criminology Award of the European Society of Criminology for lifetime contribution to criminology has been awarded to Professor Mike Hough, Founding Director of ICPR and Emeritus Professor at the School of Law, Birkbeck, for his significant contribution to European criminology. 

Birkbeck Inspires event 25 August: World prison populations in a time of pandemic

At a Birkbeck Inspires event on 25 August, Catherine Heard, Director of the World Prison Research Programme at Birkbeck’s Institute for Crime & Justice Policy Research (ICPR), will present research on the extent of prison overcrowding worldwide, and the many factors that combine to create today’s unsustainable levels of incarceration.

Summer Research Series: Decision-Making In The Court Of Protection 'Needs A Human Element': Provisional Empirical Findings From The Judging Values Project

On Wednesday 20 August ICPR's Rebecca Stickler will explore the role of values in decision-making about persons who lack capacity (“P”) in Court of Protection cases and the impact on the effective participation of P in decisions that affect her life.

A short prison sentence, a fine, or life imprisonment – all for the same offence: Exploring sentence disparities in ten countries

Sentencing people who are convicted of a criminal offence is complex business. The sentencing policy and practice of any given ...

Problem-Solving Practice: Encouraging Change In The Youth Court

A new report, ‘Time to get it right: enhancing problem-solving practice in the Youth Court’, co-authored by the Institute for Crime and Justice Policy Research (ICPR) at Birkbeck and the Centre for Justice Innovation, is published today.

Re-imagining the Youth Court

Gillian Hunter from the Institute for Crime and Justice Policy Research shares findings from research conducted in collaboration with The Centre for Justice Innovation (CJI) on developing problem-solving practice in the Youth Court.

Young people’s voices on youth court

This briefing paper highlights young people’s experiences of Youth Court in three areas of England. Interviews were conducted with 25 young people who had recently attended court as a defendant. Interview findings were supplemented by observations of youth court hearings conducted by the research team.