Understanding Conversion to Islam in Prison


Understanding Conversion to Islam in Prison (UCIP) is an interdisciplinary research programme hosted by Birkbeck, University of London.

UCIP is using robust mixed-methods, criminological-theological research to generate the most detailed and extensive dataset yet about:

  1. the socio-demographic and religious nature of Muslim converts, including those Muslims who change Islamic affiliation, in British and continental European prisons;
  2. the types of Islam that Muslim convert inmates follow;
  3. the effects of their conversion to Islam on prison life and on their rehabilitation, including the effects of prison chaplaincy and religious occasions in prison.

Driven by this data, UCIP will then design a practical intervention to improve prison outcomes for inmates who convert to Islam called PRIMO (Prison-based Religious Interventions for Muslim Offenders).

UCIP aims to bring about an enduring improvement in the way that Muslims are understood in British and continental European prisons to the benefit of prisoners' lives and of British and continental European society more widely.

Further information about this project can be found here


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