Publications & Team

Current Research

Tiggey is currently working on two European Commission funded studies; one in collaboration with The Trimbos Institute and Rand Europe examining 'European Drug Markets' the other, in collaboration with the Crime Prevention Fund in Bulgaria, Valencia Police and the Association Giancarlo Siani in Naples examining 'Local Policing in Europe'. She is also working on an evaluation of Safe Ground's revised Family Man programme examining the programme's impact on family relationships, prison regimes and reoffending.

Background and Expertise

Tiggey has over ten years' experience of conducting and managing social science research using mainly qualitative methodologies. To date her work has focused on various aspects of policing, youth justice, drug use and dealing and sex work. She has extensive experience of examining various aspects of youth justice, local drug markets, policing cannabis, sex work, pimping and the local resolution of police complaints. She is skilled in research instrument design, data collection and analysis and report writing. She is highly experienced at interviewing, having worked on projects involving a range of criminal justice agencies and interviewing criminal justice professionals, young people, sex workers, drug users and dealers, prisoners and pimps.

She has taught both under-graduate and post-graduate criminology courses.


An Evaluation of the ‘What Works Centre for Crime Reduction’: Final Report

  • Author(s) Gillian Hunter, Tiggey May and Mike Hough
  • SubjectCriminal justice agencies and services
  • Year2017
  • LocationLondon
  • Publisher/PublicationICPR
  • DownloadsICPR_Final_Evaluation_WWCCR

Misconduct by police leaders in England and Wales: an exploratory study

  • Author(s) Hough, M., May, T., Hales, G. and Belur, J.
  • SubjectCriminal justice agencies and services
  • Year2016
  • Location-
  • Publisher/PublicationPolicing & Society
  • Misc infoAdvance Online Access

An Evaluation of the ‘What Works Centre for Crime Reduction’ Year 2: Progress

  • Author(s) Gillian Hunter, Alexandra Wigzell, Bina Bhardwa, Tiggey May and Mike Hough
  • SubjectCriminal justice agencies and services
  • Year2016
  • LocationLondon
  • Publisher/PublicationICPR
  • DownloadsICPR_Evaluation_ of_WWCCR_ Yr_2 2016

Markets and Distribution Systems: The Birth, Growth and Transformation of UK Drug Markets

  • Author(s) Tiggey May and Bina Bhardwa
  • SubjectDrugs, alcohol and crime
  • Year2015
  • LocationHoboken, New Jersey
  • Publisher/PublicationWiley Blackwell
  • Misc infoin H.H. Brownstein (ed) Handbook on Drugs and Society

There to Help: Ensuring provision of appropriate adults for mentally vulnerable adults detained or interviewed by police

  • Author(s) Chris Bath with Bina Bhardwa, Jessica Jacobson, Tiggey May and Russel Webster
  • SubjectCriminal justice agencies and services
  • Year2015
  • LocationLondon
  • Publisher/PublicationNational Appropriate Adult Network
  • Downloads2015_theretohelp

Chief officer misconduct in policing: An exploratory study

An Evaluation of the ‘What Works Centre for Crime Reduction’ Year 1: Baseline

Out Of My Comfort Zone: An Evaluation Of The Family Man Programme

Young People and the Secure Estate: Needs and Interventions

Further insights into aspects of the EU illicit drugs market: summaries and key findings

  • Author(s) Trautman, F., Kilmer, B. and Turnbull, P. with May, T., McSweeney, T. and Skrine, O.
  • SubjectDrugs, alcohol and crime
  • Year2013
  • LocationLuxembourg
  • Publisher/PublicationEuropean Commission, Publications Office of the European Union
  • Downloadseu_market_summary_en.pdf